Is Vyper Ranking Dead or Alive? Truth Here

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Vyper Ranking, a Ugandan artiste after news coming up about him getting an accident in Karamoja region where he was traveling with friends in a car number UAS 434J, rumor has started going around that the singer is dead.

But this is not true, after Vyper Ranking and friends getting involved in an accident which we currently don’t know it’s cause, they were hurriedly helped by the villagers in the area the accident happened and were taken to hospital where he is now with friends struggling with injuries.

Luckily in this accident, no one is said to have died even when the car crashed so terribly like in the middle of the week ended where Alimpa Ronald Lusuku Lwa Cement and friends got an accident which took lives and living the rest bed ridden at Mulago Hospital.

According to the source, Vyper Ranking is not dead though hospitalized and in need of your prayers with the other people he was with when the accident happened. The major cause of accidents includes; reckless driving, poor roads (roads are full of potholes and poorly managed), over speeding, driving vehicles in poor mechanical conditions, poor or no strict laws on poor road users, jam on most of Ugandan roads, among others.

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