VIDEO: Netizens shocked by Queen Masolo Sylvia Large Bean on TikTok

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Behold the queen has invited us to her palace to optically feed us on her large dicotyledonous beans. TikTok sensation Queen Sylvia more popularly known as Queen Masolo video is in trouble after her s3xual videos made their way to online especially TikTok.

She’s currently the talk of town and social media streets as well as netizens have been left debating about the kilograms of her visible bean. In this video, Queen Masolo Sylvia can be seen slowly opening her legs for the camera. And instantly she does this, two dangling twin towers with a huge bean in the middle pop out almost dropping to the ground.

It seems like Queen Masolo Sylvia in the video really took her lectures of visiting the bush so serious as she has the graduation certificate between her legs to show off for the activity.

Queen Masolo’s TikTok page boasts of about 37k followers and this latest video is surely going to skyrocket her numbers on the app. A run through her video clearly shows that she’s been carrying a heavy word between her legs.

And she seems to have decided to bless her followers by dropping off the cloths. She showed off her bean while having Gravity Omutujju’s song called Ani Alina Ennene, which rhymes well with her goodies.

A few details about her indicate that she was married to a local musician known as Sande Music and together they have one child. Sande Music is said to be madly in love with her but currently nursing a broken heart after this video. It’s rumored that she was sending the adult videos to one of her sponsors when they dropped to social media.


We shall however keep you updated about the details of this saga as they unfold, but Queen Masolo Sylvia video to the top.

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