He Wanted to Eat My Sumbie Without Testing for HIV – Angella Katatumba Blasts Andre

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In her bid to be on a safe side, singer Angella Katatumba has come out to expose the more her ex lover. In addition, and producer Daddy Andre saying the reason the two parted ways is because Andre wanted to explore her honeypot. However, without testing fro HIV/AIDS. This is something she did not take on her heels and rejected leaving Andre stranded on his hard muscle.

Hi everyone, This is in response to all those that have been constantly asking me for interviews regarding my relationship with Andre. – For over three months, Andre treated me like a princess. He spent over 20 Million Uganda shillings on me. There is nothing he didn’t do or buy for me and he never let me pay for a thing. He introduced me to all his friends, family, relatives and he even took me to his village.” Angella opened up. And she later spilled the dirty beans outs.

Things got crazy for him in January where he was burdened with a lot of problems. Amidst financial and many others, Andre’s former PA stole his money. Also, and his car and to make matters worse, I also left him in January. In addition, because, he completely refused to do the HIV test.” Angella Katatumba said it all. she later revealed how it was a ‘difficult’ decision she has ever made in her entire life.

“It was not an easy decision and I felt horrible, especially after, Andre poured all the love on earth on me. Despite that, I had to stick to my principles. I decided to keep it professional and focus on promoting our music.” she heart-brokenly chirped. This takes us to the basic that she even paid Daddy Andre to appear on their Tonelabila video shoot.

It should be noted that Andre is currently entangled in quagmire as everyday we get a new face of a female artiste claiming he has been harassing them sexually including Nadia Rania who let the cat out of the sack first. Keep it TimesUg


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Elijah Mutabuza

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