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Mayanja name is promoting homosexuality – Bad Black

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Bad Black real name Shanitah Namuyimbwa a Uganda popular socialite, and businesswoman who resides in Kampala Uganda where she runs most of her businesses feels sorry to Ugandans who think Jose Chameleon real name Joseph Mayanja and younger brother Weasel’s kiss in a brotherhood act, she says these are trying to promote homosexuality in the country.

She reveals this in one of her recent tweets where she said that the Mayanja name is trying to promote homosexuality in the country but to her surprise, some Ugandans are fooled  to calling it a brotherhood kissing.

Bad Black said this after pictures of the two Mayanja’s kissing still go viral online. The two brothers recent public kissing was captured at Gwanga Mujje concert that took place on 24 February,2023 at Lugogo Cricket Oval where Weasel was given chance to perform but during the performance, he kissed his brother live on stage.

This is not the first time time the two were seen kissing in public and this has  left many revelers and Ugandans as a whole  asking what exactly Jose and young brother try to portray by kissing each other in a kind of manner each time they show up together in public.

Smart is the other name of da Mayanja’s there trying to promote homosexuality in Uganda & after they will start claiming money from delegates remember Europe union and USA funds kisiike and the foolish Ugandans think its brotherhood bali mukola sente,” wrote Bad Black.

Bad Black gained her name in 2010 as a city don and socialite who was spending money on all luxury in Uganda and had developed a very rich young woman who was later charged with embezzlement of money by the British man David Greenhalgh from whom she had embezzled her wealth

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