The whole team at Times Uganda will never give up on keeping Uganda. In addition, the entire World is updated and entertained. Mainly the focus is on giving the latest Entertainment News in Uganda and Uganda Celebrity News as a whole. We for that case, bring to you all your latest Entertainment Gossip as it is without changing the meaning of the stories. In addition, we have a well-equipped team.

This works with all efforts to give you all the latest Entertainment News around the world. Uganda has a lot going on with the artists and their fans wish to get always the latest updates about their beloved Celebrities. More so, that is the main reason why we have facilitated our team. In addition, to reach out to these artists and get you the latest Gossip. With the entertainment News in Uganda, Times Uganda has always led. In addition after adding up all the above in providing the fast, accurate, and to the point celebrity news and gossip.

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