Sheila Gashumba newdz surface, she speaks out

Social media is filled with the news of the surfacing of newdz of influencer and television personality Sheila Gashumba. This has been the talk of town since morning and everyone is mesmerized by the ‘smooth bean’ she showcased in the epic photos.

In the photos that came online, we see one where she shows off her stiff small b00bs, which left all men pocketing instantly. In the same photos, she is seen appearing in pink bikini appearing on a beach, then the same pink bikini is seen exposing a smooth bean with twinnies that was very wet.

It should be remembered that Sheila Gashumba has been in the news recently after a massive feud with her father Frank Gashumba. In the trended story, Frank was overheard in an audio where he was complaining about his daughter Sheila, saying that she has failed to develop herself and resorted to chopping life and misusing money.

On the same note, Sheila Gashumba has come out to defend herself and said that she is not the one in the trending newdz photos. She continued to say that someone ruthless photoshopped her old photos and made them become newd.

We are set to find out the real truth about this, but for now, we are seeing the photos that are showing Sheila Gashumba.

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