Ugandans request for the arrest of Pretty Nicole’s mother for abandoning her

Ugandans are now requesting for the arrest of Pretty Nicole’s mother saying she abandoned her at a young age which is not allowed. Pretty Nicole is young girl who went viral on social media after her friends severely assaulted her for sleeping with one of their boyfriends.

Different Ugandans were not happy with the act and called on police to allocate the young girl and offer her justice by arresting fellow girls that beat her up. And in that process Pretty Nicole’s family came up. According to Nicole’s mother, her daughter is only 14 years and she wants those that beat her up to be arrested for a long time.

Although the assaulting wasn’t good now Ugandans are turning their back against Pretty Nicole’s mother saying how could she let a 14 years old daughter get out of control. Media personalities like Kasuku said police should deal with the suspects while having Pretty Nicole’s mother into custody. According to Kasuku, the tears Pretty Nicole’s mother was crying are fake. She just wants money from government which is not going to come her way because she neglected her child and other people took over to discipline her.

“I saw Pretty Nicole’s mother crying but I am telling you those tears were not genuine. How can you neglect your child who you say is just 14 years. Police should have her in custody for so many years because it is a big case of neglecting a child. Even the suspects should be punished but most especially the parents. That will be good justice,” Kasuku said.

It should be noted Pretty Nicole is said to have refused to forward names of friends that beat her up saying she deserved everything that happened to her.

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