New details surface about girls who beat their fellow over a man

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Shock engulfed social media yesterday after a series of videos dropped showing several girls beat up their fellow over a man. The girl who was mercilessly beaten up has since been identified as Pretty Nicole. All this fracas arised from Pretty Nicole feeding rumors to one of the girl’s boyfriend.

This girl identified as Kaftah is said to be a very tight and close friend of Nicole. According to several sources, Nicole is said to have wanted to poach on Kaftah’s boyfriend. She therefore started mudslinging Kaftah telling her boyfriend how she’s unfaithful to him and sleeps around.

Sadly for Pretty Nicole, Kaftah’s boyfriend always jazzed her everything she told him. Even at other times, Nicole would lie about Kaftah moving out with other men when she’s actually with her boyfriend. So Kaftah and her boyfriend plotted to gang up on Nicole. The boyfriend invited Nicole to come over and tell him all that Kaftah does behind his back. Nicole gladly came through in sexy skimpy attires but sadly for she was ambushed by Kaftah, two of her friends and the boyfriend.

They questioned Pretty Nicole to start telling them all the information she’s been telling Kaftah’s boyfriend. Looking ‘angazi’ and troubled because she had been lying all along, the trio downed on her and beat her mercilessly. They pulled her hair, slapped her, cursed and even caned her. At one point, they are seen even having ripped her blouse off. Meanwhile Kaftah’s boyfriend who is the cause of bean war is cheering the assaults and recording a video.

On the videos landing on social media, anger and fury vented out. Many of these called upon the Police to look, arrest and punish these three girls and the boy. Police indeed went ahead to confirm how it had mounted the search on the 4. And indeed they were later arrested and will soon be charged with several charges. Many have wondered how women gang up and beat up a fellow woman over a man who they are even not married to.

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