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Pretty Nicole tormentor Queen Kaftah sentenced to 3 years in jail

Queen Kaftah the girl who mercilessly beat up her friend Pretty Nicole has been sentenced to 3 years in Luzira maximum security prison. Queen Kaftah was handed this jail term by Kira Court Chief Magistrate, Roseline Nsenge.

Before delivering the verdict, Queen Kaftah broke down and pleaded with the judge to give her a lighter sentence. The judge however gave 3 years doing time in Luzira maximum security prison.

It should be recalled that Queen Kaftah irked the public weeks ago after she and a group of her friend beat up Pretty Nicole mercilessly. The 18 year old accused Nicole 15 years old of trying to seduce her man. This is despite the two having been very good friends and Kaftah looking after Nicole like a sister.

Pretty Nicole who had been texting Kaftah’s boyfriend was thrown into an ambush planned by Kaftah’s boyfriend. He invited her to his place and once she was there, Kaftah and her friends downed on her. They beat her with all sorts of things they could come cross and left her limping.

Luckily, videos recorded by Nicole’s boyfriend with the group harassing Nicole surfaced on social media. This led to a public fury and these demanded for the punishment of this group. Police then launched a hunt and Queen Kaftah was apprehended although her buddies are still on the run.

Social media users have now appreciated the authorities for this punishment to Kaftah. These have even mocked her that the guy she was fighting for is going to be chewing other babes as she serves her prison sentence.

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