I find no joy in the pain of others – Samson Kasumba

NBS news anchor Samson Kasumba has refused to celebrate Frank Gashumba’s parenting pain with his daughter Sheilah Gashumba. This came after someone leaked audio on Social media of Frank Gashumba in deep pain of how his daughter disrespects him and how he doesn’t know what to do for her.

All this happened few weeks after Frank Gashumba had defended his daughter from Kaiyz who said her dressing code is disgusting. He called out Samson Kasumba who has also commented revealing that his young daughter (Sheilah Gashumba) is more wealthier than him. As the audio leaked, People started calling Samsom Kasumba telling him to attack Frank Gashumba. But Samson has said he is not the kind of person who celebrates other people’s pain.

According to Samson Kasumba, life usually turns around and him personally he has three daughters. Samson said those calling him to attack Frank Gashumba are on the the wrong person because he is a Christian and he knows best what to do

“I am extremely livid and gutted how many calls and DMs I am getting from all sorts of corners asking me to milk the pain of a man in pain over his daughter. I have three girls myself. What do to want me to do? I could end up where he is. Life is a strange place. That’s not me…” Samson Kasumba tweeted.

“As a student and teacher of Christian Ethics ✝️ I find no joy in the pain of others even if it is those that have attempted to cause me pain, a very difficult endeavor. My work on earth is peace building. You have the wrong address when you come to me to celebrate others’ pain” He tweeted.

It should be noted that many parents go through what Frank Gashumba is going through and they know it

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