Your still in diapers – Frank Gashumba puts Kaiyz in line

Political, social and economic critic Frank Gashumba has put media personality Kawalya Isaac Kaiyz in line saying he is still in diapers. This came after Kayz attacked his daughter Sheila Gashumba about her dressing code in parties. Kayz said as a Muganda man, he finds Sheila Gashumba’s dressing code disrespectful.

At first Sheila Gashumba replied to Kaiyz on her own telling him that they are not on the same level and he shouldn’t be saying anything about her. She went ahead to talk about how Kaiyz is local and she personally doesn’t deal with local people and local content. So many local content creators were offended by Sheila Gashumba’s comments about their work and that led to more attacks towards Sheila hence triggering her father Frank Gashumba to come and defend her.

Recently Frank Gashumba went for an interview on a local radio station and he called out Kayz saying he has no morale authority to talk about parenting or dressing code of any person. Frank Gashumba told Kayz that if he thinks he is a Muganda and wants everyone to dress like Baganda, he should go and settle in the kingdom Lubiri that’s where he will find all those things he wants.

“I wonder how Kayz thinks in fact he has no locus to talk about anyone’s child or even parenting. I heard him saying Sheila was dressed poorly. Him being a Muganda he doesn’t expect anyone to dress like them. If he wants people that dress like Baganda he should go in Lubiri. Sheila Gashumba is very young and successful. The more people talk about her the more she continues to do better I am super proud of her,“ Frank Gashumba said.

It should be noted that Frank Gashumba is always defending Sheilah Gashumba on social media.

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