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Sheilah Gashumba advises the youth to avoid drugs

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Media personality and social media influencer Sheilah Gashumba has advised fellow youth to stay away from any type of drugs. In the current generation, there are different types of drugs that have been introduced on the market. Before it was all about weed known as marijuana but now it’s more of pills, powder and injections.

Different people have suffered from drug addiction with artistes inclusive and others have died, lost their career and abandoned by family. Recently King Saha has been the topic of drug addiction. People who have met him have advised him to leave the drugs and now it reportedly that he is checking into rehabilitation center for drug addiction.

Being a youth and being around the youth most of the times, Sheilah Gashumba revealed that so many young people are on drugs. She said when she is hosting her nights, she usually find young girls in the rest rooms sniffing drugs and it annoys her so much. She said the youth still have a bright future ahead of them so they should be far away from drugs as much as they can.

“To the youth;my best advice to you this 2023 is to PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS, every type of drug; powder, pills, leaves, liquid etc!! You have a bright future ahead of you, don’t be your own enemy of progress. It’s all fun and games but they will slowly rob you of your future,” Sheila Gashumba said

Although it was alleged that Sheilah Gashumba uses drugs and smokes, she cleared her name saying she has never used any type of drugs. Sheila Gashumba said with a mere look on her lips and teeth, you can immediately know that she has never used any type of drugs in her life despite being exposed to most of them by friends and people she works with.

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