REVEALED: How Producer Andre Attempted to Rob Angella Katatumba and Failed

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REVEALED: How Producer Andre Attempted to Rob Angella Katatumba and Failed. Kampala men learnt a very tricky art of robbing women specifically those that have money. They lure the cassava hungry but loaded and big wallet mamas with their smart wires. In addition, and positoin themselves in a away the victim will not tell she will be conned of her dimes in a long ran.

They do these as projects and they are usually long term projects. Therefore for Angella Katatumba being the fact that she has seen it all, she has been given smart wires on the expense of her wallet. She is now all eyes open and it is why producer Andre Daddy’s tricks did not affect her.

It all started when he ‘invested’ in her and producer Andre put in more than 15 million shillings in his victim Angella Katatumba of course with hopes of rolling his stone at once in a near future and hit a jackpot from the tycoon’s daughter. But unfortunately she was all looking.

It is the reason why Producer Andre introduced her to everyone including his family mebers to buy her trust. Therefore gave her the maximum care and later started to bring in the PA robbery stories. In addition, how his car was ‘stolen’ and he later pretended he had ran broke. He wanted sympathy, to make the tycoon’s daughter to start investing in him,however, this move never worked!

That is why it was imminent that Angella Katatumba blasted him in broad day light and this was a move to throw a STOP sign to all loaded mamas that would fall in a trap she escaped. keep it TimesUg

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Elijah Mutabuza

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