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Full List of Top 10 Most Influential Ugandans on Twitter 2020 Revealed

Few Retain Their Positions

Story Highlights
  • Most of the influential tweeps hhave been selected because they are more into charity work
  • This list has mostly new entrants as the old ones have been pushed away by the new generation
  • No. 3 and No. 6 are holding surprising places, read the story and find out why

Social Media has for a long time been taken to be a place for jokers, rumor mongers and a dating place for those that feel s3x and love can be found on that huge ground. Social media has been millions of Ugandans sign up to them that include Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Tik Tok, Instagram and many more. And here are the most influential people in Uganda on Twitter

But for a few that have used that same field to impact lives of people deserve a mention and applause as we remind them of their unpaid extraordinary work they do that they are blessing our society. For this case, Times Uganda have taken an advanced step and conducted a supervised selection of these digital influencers from Twitter and here is how the list goes, shocking names and positions are all in here. Let us go on with the most influential people in Uganda on Twitter.

The Ignited Ivan – He is a designated influencer with a following of over 50,000 people and more than 50,000 tweets on his hand. This energetic and professional digital marketer always focuses on the most creative way to put out a message to resonate with my followers. He has touched many lives through his tweets, he has not been a selfish fellow as he helps others grow their accounts and above all, he is known for being a very active person in charity drives which see many inside and outside Twitter helped. His voice is a whistle to stakeholders. His 10th position is reserved fully by him.

Ignited Ivan

UK Used Boyfriend alias Kaks Lamar- This down to earth, respectful youth is a Digital marketer, smartphone enthusiast and technology guru. He is one of those influencers who take time off their errands to do live feeds about technology, educating his fellow youths about day to day life, offering counseling, giving digital marketing techniques.

On the same note,he engages and inspires those that are losing track on what they are in those fields. With his his 29,000 followers and over 41,000 tweets, he has positively impacted the Twitter village through raising voices for the voiceless the recent being his involvement in the camapign to end cyber bullying. He thus settles in the 9th position.

UK Used Boyfriend aka Kaks Lamar


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Evans Stark – He is one of the few digital influencers with huge accounts and he follows back more than half of his followers. That aside, he has helped many struggling people on Twitter who want to be brand influencers to achieve their dreams buy mentioning their accounts freely and giving them presence.

He has also stood on his feet to stop cyber bullying a vice that has eaten up the social media fraternity of Uganda. He has also stood by those that are lost in the air especially those in relationships to settle for what they have than being in many relationships for confusion. He has over 92000 followers and his 60,000 tweets have played a vital role towards his influencing leveling in the 8th position.

Evans Stark
Methia Lydia –  She is as well a social media influencer but with a quite different genre as she advocates for equality among all different kinds of people. She is always willing to work with brands that believe in gender balance that is when she feels, she has fulfilled her purpose of life by use of her 43,000 followers account with 40,000 tweets.
She also started up a YouTube channel and I use that platform to share people’s stories and how they fight various challenges in their lives like cyber bullying among so many others. With her Christian background, her positive vibrations surrounding her push her to influence those that are down emotionally through her tweets and that is why her life stories with people that are influential have gone viral on YouTube. She rolls in the 7th place in the most influential people in Uganda on Twitter.
the most influential people in Uganda on Twitter
Methia Lydia

Ka Malaika – This hardcore entrepreneur who is CEO MalaikaCares a charity organisation, is a certified hard worker who does not hide what she is whatsoever, even in her Twitter profile she tells you how she cleans rich people’s appliances and houses for extra money that enables her to live a life she desires. Her positivism towards work has inspired many not to be shy for what they are and their work.

She has a platinum win over this. With her over 47,000 followers and over 45,000 tweets on her wall, she has held the mantle of pushing females to work hard and enjoy a good life, she has been a boss lady in her entrepreneur empire, a move that is not for the faint heart. She grabs number 6 in the top digital influencers on Twitter.

the most influential people in Uganda on Twitter
Ka Malaika

Ugaman01 Official – Besides being so influential on Twitter, he is of the very few influencers with a  verified Twitter account. His role majorly is to talk about things affecting the society and impacting positively the youth and social media users by informing them about what is trending in the industry and the political arena.

His YouTube channel is doing well by informing the world and his price tag for digital influencing is so high due to his heavy impact. He has 76,000 followers with over 97,000 tweets on his wall. You will drop by YouTube and find him dissecting issues that impact the young, old from all spheres of life. Shooting the 5th position.


Eddy Pages – Very well known for his number one hustle, being a professional photographer then a very exposed digital influencer, commercial model, actor. He has his other shocking part burning part as being political mogul. Yes, you read it right and apart from being one of the most respected influencers on Twitter, Eddy has engaged many people from all walks of life inspiring them to work hard through his tweets and being an example of hard work.

His love for political arena has pushed him to be a number one spot for being a great political PR that can brand political figures, exposing the political truth and above all, fighter for human rights. If you want to hurt Eddy, just hurt someone in his path, he is attached quickly and feels the same pain, that is him. On top of pushing brands for people that need help from him, he is seen doing political and offering counseling to the depressed. with his over over 59,000 tweets and over 73,000 followers. He grabs a 4th seat.

the most influential people in Uganda on Twitter
Eddy Pages

Lynda Ddane – Getting her face off television, Lynda is a multi tasking lady where she is a commercial model, Fashionista, CEO D’aura. with her 99000 followers, the bootylicious Lynda has not only stopped from influencing brands, but also she has used her voice to bring down those people with bad energy towards others something that has relieved the voiceless masses.

She has been on visualized interviews to extend her outcry about cyber bullying, people attacking each other hence be in the fight to stop it. She is the good mood setter where she engages her followers into topics like Question and Answer, Requesting for songs that ignite sweet moods, so that all is well with people psychologically.

With her over 14000 tweets, she has touched lives of her 99,000 followers and beyond. She jumps in the 3rd position in the most influential people in Uganda on Twitter.

the most influential people in Uganda on Twitter
Lynda Ddane


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Esther Birungi – This Law student and a high flier with huge dreams, social media influencer and brand marketer she has stood a test of time, far from being what she is, she is a charity driver who has made priceless charity campaigns that have seen the young and old benefit.

It should be noted that she started campaigns like stop body shaming which was a hit, started a drive to collect food for the stranded campus students that were caught up in hostels due to COVID19 lockdown period which saw the Parliament of Uganda pick a leaf and joined the same drive. More so, the Prime Minister Office joined the drive, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga herself took the mantle from Esther’s example too and donated to students.

She has been against cyber bullying too for long since she is a victim and again she has led a charity drive to collect pads for those women that can not afford them during the COVID19 period in a campaign called See Her Through Red Times and more than 10 districts countrywide including Kasese, Bushenyi, Arua and places like Kamwokya, Bwaise and many others received the help.

Without fear or favor, Esther Birungi has been advocating for women and children well being all her life on Twitter. With her 66,000 followers she has touched millions of souls through her 35,000 tweets. She stands in the 2nd position in the most influential people in Uganda on Twitter.

the most influential people in Uganda on Twitter
Esther Birungi

Sheilah C Gashumba – We have landed on this amazing entrepreneur and social media sensation who has used her take as a celebrated person not for the bad but for the good. Sheilah C Gashumba has been a great example of hard work to the youths and she has driven many youths on social media especially Twitter to the basket of success.

She is known for many things but the most notable ones are when she sparked off the peanut pay in the journalism world at televisions mainly that trended for months, and consequently many televisions and radio personalities locally got their salaries increased.

She has opened up on the most dangerous vice on social media of cyber bullying (#StopSocialMediaBullyingUganda) not as a day in and day out victim but also to raise a voice for the stopping of it for everyone especially those that don’t have voices and are victims something that has seen the campaign trended for weeks and still on top trends.

Sheilah with her over 220,000 followers and 190,000 tweets, she would sit home and sip on that fine wine or Champaign but she decided to get out of the comfort zone and shout for the voiceless. She has inspired many, led drives, influenced brands like Africell and set an infinity trend for those that want to be great social influencers. She takes the lead on the topthe most influential people in Uganda on Twitter in 2020.

the most influential people in Uganda on Twitter 2020
Sheilah Gashumba

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