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THE LIST: The Most Handsome Uganda Men on Twitter Unveiled

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Recently, we unveiled the long list of the top influential people on Twitter in Uganda which was entirely by screening through the audience they command, the impact they put on the Twitter community, it received a great welcome. Now, after a thorough research and tireless efforts, we have brought to you the top 6 most handsome Uganda men on the Twitter streets.

Eddy Pages

Eddy Pages has been on Twitter for a very long time, he is Twitter number 5 in the top influential tweeps in Uganda and apart from inspiring many and showing many the right way to rave on, he is a handsome man. However much cool he is, still you will not spend a day without jumping on a random tweet talking about his great smile and handsome face. Putting the face aside, his physical appearance really speaks volumes to those ladies silently.

He has over time faced a problem on balancing the ever growing demand for him by ladies on Twitter and the fame he has on on the same social network. Many think that because he is handsome, that is why his followers are mostly ladies. He grabs the 6th spot in the most handsome Uganda men on Twitter.


Most handsome men in Uganda Twitter

Patrick Mukasa

This NTV Uganda news anchor is also another handsome man you will ever come across Twitter and minus being so engaging on the same app, he has found himself in a situation where his DM is flooded by the “i love your voice” “i love you honey” bu messages something that keeps him hanging in space on what to do for the cuties.


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Having his deep voice in place, adding it to his smooth beard, dimples, the big eyes and a round face, their is no daughter of Eve that is left with ovaries unshaken in her womb. Like he is a real deal, he is nice looking. Apart from all that, he is also an inspiration to this Twitter generation and his comic tweets keep many going on a positive vibe. He gets the 5th spot most handsome Uganda men on Twitter.

patrick mukasa handsome men uganda twitter

Owor Paul 

Many used to think that this famous ‘blesser’ of Twitter is wildly liked by ladies and that they throw themselves on him because he is loaded or got a good heart of helping those in need, but the truth is that no. Owor Paul was not only gifted with a good helping heart but also a handsome face. His smile is ever rich, he got a beard also, his height is okay. So when you see again those sweet compliments on the tweets of the Bisuro South MP to be, just know they are crushes and those wishing to have a share of him one day, he is sweet!


This is even witnessed on how ladies are on his tweets begging him to reply to their DMs or else they find other ways of reaching him. This down to earth Paul, has consequently maintained his great looks with those killer suits he dons on and definitely the whole appearance when he storms the streets. He takes the 4th position of the Ugandan handsome men on Twitter.

Owor Paul Biography

Patrick Kanyomozi

Yeah, panelists found a very hard time to leave his name from the Ugandan most handsome men on Twitter, and yes, it was really an uphill task but guess what, Patrick Kanyomozi who is also the President of Uganda Sports Press Association (USPA)has been on the streets for some time and if you can go through his tweets and you read five replies without finding a reply that is reminding him how sweet he is, come trash this list.

The jokes of this sports journalist have won many hearts of those pretty belles on the Twitter streets but they have not stopped their, they have paved way for those ‘dying from inside’ ladies to throw their inner feelings out by DMing him day in and out asking irrelevant questions so that as a mature man he can know what it is. Many women fall for his organise dental formula. He scoops spot number 3.

patrick kanyomozi most handsome men uganda twitter


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God’s Plan

well, let us first settle on this, Marcus Lwanga aka God’s Plan has done many things on Twitter especially for the fans of his, but that would not make make him jump into this list automatically, and the fact still stands that he is handsome. His physique is of those footballers who always get ladies wilding day in and out yearning to meet him one day. His height, English accent and expensive attire he dons on keeps girls around watching with jealous when he holds his girlfriend Sheilah Gashumba so tight.


We even landed on some guy that was asking to be his personal assistant so that he collects the numbers those girls throw into his DM and he uses them for his own benefits since God’s Plan can never meet any of those dying belles. He takes the number 2 spot.

gods plan handsome men uganda twitter

Canary Mugume

Ladies and gentlemen, we know you have been waiting for this! yes your own Canary Mugume is here and he is undoubtedly taking the mantle and leading the Ugandan most handsome men on Twitter. This NBS Television Uganda news anchor has got almost every lady screaming the ‘oh yeah’ eeh maama’ bu words as he appears on their television sets and when he tweets.

He is young, with a great physical appearance , the height, the cute smile, the organised dental formula, the black gum, the English accent, ooh God. He got it all and it goes with no asking that daily he receives not less than 10 requests of either being ‘her’ friend or meeting ‘her’ one day if he doesn’t mind and all bills are on her! Do you get what we mean? that is the level of his handsomeness we are on. He takes the first place on the list of most handsome Uganda men on Twitter.

canary mugume handsome men twitter uganda


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