BREAKING: Vyper Ranking in Critical Accident

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Sad news coming to our desk indicate that singer Vyper Ranking has been involved in a terrible accident that left all occupants in the car severely injured. This news has been confirmed through his social media accounts and this happened hours ago.

During this accident, it is being said that, there were survivors but we have not yet ascertained who survived and who died if any. The Vyper Ranking accident and team happened just an hour after the singer posted a photo on his social media net works saying that all dancehall artistes did the Murife dont run challenge when he (Vyper Ranking) stepped in the music industry.

Vyper Ranking who derived his name vyper from a venomous snake (The Vyper) literally meaning that he is dangerous when it comes to his lyrics and vocals is said to be in a dangerous state after news coming in saying that he got involved in a terrible accident in the areas of Karamoja.

Currently, no one knows how Vyper Rankings and friends are but according to the source, he got this accident in car number UAS 434J. Lets pray for him and friends as we try to find out what exactly happened. More news is still coming in about this shocking incident.

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