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Meet Social Media Influencer Esther Birungi the Next Iron Lady in the Making

We do not always take anything for granted when it comes to informing the society on what is trending for you, and that is why we bring to you the personalities you should meet before you die and they either inspire you or teach you something. In this context, allow us present to you a one Esther Birungi influencer, the real Iron Lady in the making. She has achieved a lot and still achieving despite keeping on a low note.

During our one on one interaction, we had a great time with this Law student who is a great feminist, she stands out for the well being of the girl child who believes everyone should be respected in her own lane. She does not only stop from posting things on social media, but also she hits the field to see how her works perform and transform people.

It was on this masterclass talk that Esther Birungi influencer revealed that she is not only ambitious of becoming the first female Chief Justice of Uganda, actually the Bart Magunda Katureebe of today but also to be the champion of charity where she has already embarked on the dream by being the Executive Director of Nature the Girl Child Uganda a charity foundation which has Uganda Christian university students who decided to give out to a girl child.

I am Esther Birungi the Executive Director Nature the Girl Child Uganda an organization that does charity tours and we visit the disadvantaged girl child, give them gifts like shoes, money, pads, clothing, spent the entire day with them making them feel loved, offering counseling to adolescents, with this we instill hope in them which is our cause” Esther started narrating her cause for living.

Esther Birungi also highhandedly championed a viral and more effective campaign that aims at ending Makeup Shaming as the influencer and she runs it most on social media and for this, she has already got the desired results as per now, girls are no longer feeling ashamed of wearing heavy or no makeup. But she believes that every woman should feel proud in her own skin and conformable regardless of the bullying they attract.

“I have got a chance of running a campaign to end makeup shaming and i believe every woman should be proud in her skin and it is a choice to wear makeup or not, in either way, a woman remains beautiful”  Esther chirped. She added that now women are being respected in their skin with or without makeup so self confidence is slowly being built in women.

When we asked about her courage to single out girls and decide to educate them about all the aspects of life, she asserted that she trusts women are having more capabilities of overcoming calamities facing them by working hard, earn for themselves and stop dependency. On a keynote, she added that she will not stop empowering women through her writings because they have to step up and discover the power they posses within them.

I started to educate women because they face a lot, poverty, finding it hard to beat the standards of living, rape, domestic violence and many more, so when they get to know their strengths, they must over come that all without anyone’s help. An female has the same capabilities are those that under look them” She went on to stress her points clear.

Times Uganda moved on to learn that this Iron Lady is not only set for being a great woman of all sessions with great ambitions, but also she is being inspired by hardcore women in this country that we have living in us like Winnie Byanyima, Rebecca Kadaga, Allen Kagina and Maggie Kigozi. As the saying goes that show me your friend it tell you who you are, We think you have now seen the trend Esther is footing into.


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Since she is a victim of cyber bullying, she had the gaps if advising everyone be it male or female that since people think it is funny to bully someone on social media, the victims should always resort to praying, have a small circle of those that believe in them and consequently get away from the trolling, they will win and stand again.

As we wrapped up the mat to catch the next boda guy that was to pass by, we were curious to know what Esther really like doing when she is off her tight daily errands and she did surprise us anyway as she said she is obsessed to reading, listening to music as it brightens up her day, she often goes swimming, and she loves things having ‘food’ in them and above all, she is a huge lover of soccer.

I Love everyone, that is why charity is my thing and i will never stop doing it. Everyone can be like me. Esther Birungi

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