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Dr. Bossa reveals what has kept him relevant in film industry for 35 years

Actor and Ebonies boss Dr. Bossa real name Sam Bagenda has revealed what has kept him relevant in the film industry for over 35 years. Uganda’s film industry has been down with Nigeria taking over. But at the moment it is trying to get in the right place to sell Uganda to the world.

However the people that almost started the digital film industry are now aging but most of them are still acting and inspiring the young generation. Fans have been wondering how they have managed to stay relevant and successful throughout all these years yet the young ones come and disappear in thin air.

According to Bossa, it is passion that kept driving him to get into a better actor and stay relevant. Bossa revealed that before, the film industry didn’t even have money to pay people but he stayed because he knew that that’s something that he liked doing and had passion for so there was no way he was ready to quit.

Talented Bossa said it took a long time for his series in Ebonies to pay off although in those years there were so many opportunities outside the film and that’s how he managed to juggle financially.

“Passion is what has kept me going in the film industry for 35 years now. You know before there was nothing like money. We only went to act because that is something we loved doing. These days people join the film to get money in it and that’s why they even leave after a short period of time to be honest,” Dr. Bbosa

It should be noted that Dr. Bossa is one of the few Ugandan actors who has got a chance to go the Hollywood where most trending movies are acted from. He said that was his dream even while joining the film industry and it finally came to reality.

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