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Grenade Official calls respect and high pay from promoters

Singer Grenade Official real name Ndugwa Deus has called out disrespectful promoters who pay Ugandan artistes little money compared to the international artistes they bring in Uganda. Grenade Official has been in the music industry for like 6 years now. He was lucky enough that he broke through the Indus very first not like any other artistes who struggle so much to make it.

But after breaking through, Grenade was taken on by Team No Sleep manager Jeff Kiwa who kept pushing him harder to make it. In little time, he started making headlines in the media for not good reasons and that set him back. Grenade was accused of dating older women and having sugar mummies to find his life style which pushed away Jeff Kiwa and left Grenade to do things for himself without his help.

Nteredde’ hit maker struggled to do music without Jeff Kiwa as his manager and he ended up coming back to him so that he can achieve his dreams. With his music now in circulation and his career getting successful day by day, Grenade has now turned to promoters who disrespect artistes giving them little money especially on concerts headlined by international artistes.

According to Grenade, promoters always forget that international artistes are always in the country for a very short period of time when calling the local artistes and disrespecting them. Grenade said those international artistes have to get equal pay with the local artistes because they all invest in music.

“Many self-proclaimed “great” promoters have the audacity to call us to sing on shows and just because an international artist is around, they disrespect us forgetting that when the artist goes back, it is us they stay with,” Grenade Official revealed.

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