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King Saha excited about the battle of ‘the big 3’

Singer King Saha real name Semanda Mansour is excited about the battle of the self proclaimed big three artistes Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleon. These big three artiste have been battling verbally and insulting each other especially in the media.

All of them know themselves to be better than each other. For Bobi Wine he said for the past twenty years, he has been better financially, academically and musically among themselves. He said he needs nothing to prove to them because even after 5 years without performing they still compete with him.

When he made this statement, Jose Chameleon also came out and said he is the best. Infact, Chameleon said the past music doesn’t matter, all they need is to re-do good music starting from this month and by the end of the year the best artiste will be revealed.

According to King Saha, he is happy that these battles are on and they might happen anytime soon. He said there are some who have been hiding the title big artiste when they are actually not talented and can’t do anything.

He added that, the battles should happen as quick as possible so that the music industry can move on from the saga of the big three to the new generation that is doing much better.

“I am happy about the battles and disses that are happening around the big 3, and youngsters of today. I think its about time they happened so fast so that we move on from that. The big three have become a problem yet the young musicians are doing much better and also need recognition like any other people,” King Saha chirped.

It should be noted that King Saha is not friends with Bebe Cool although he is very close to Jose Chameleon and Bobi Wine.

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