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BBS Telefayina’s Haffy Powers speaks about her fake hips

Local television, BBS telefayina presenter Haffy Powers has spoken about wearing a fake bum and hips to please men. This came after a public outcry suggesting that she wears fake bums to impress men. And she has sent fire back.

She said she is naturally gifted and doesn’t need to wear something fake. Her figure ‘bums and hips’ are very natural nothing is added. It should be noted that, most television presenters especially the females try so much to please men that they don’t even know. That believe most of the people that watch them are the male gender.

More so, these female television presenters appear on screens with almost fake of everything on their bodies and some go beyond letting their fans call them out. Like Haffy Powers, she has a very big bum which people believe it is too perfect to be real. But according to her, everything is very okay.

To affirm that, she appeared on social media and responded to everyone saying she is fake telling them that she is lucky God spent most of his time building her perfectly. Haffy Powers said it is not her problem that other people don’t have what she has. She said she will not stop flaunting what God gave her just because she fears people to talk about her.

Temuddamu kungeza kubadongo bamwe abambala hips n’obubina, some of us we thank the Almighty Allah that he took his time creating us, ate era naawa bazadde baffe ekisa nebatuyonsa era nebatuliisa, we all not that desperate ba dear, newenadibadde baawo line, nga ntya Allah sandiyambadde kabina.” She started her rant saying that even if she didn’t have the figure and hips, she wouldnt wear the fake ones, added that she was fed well by her parents.

For those that know me, they know how content i am, siri kwata mukizigo, sirikola BBL or any plastic surgery. If i want to keep my good body, will always choose natural ways like exercises and dieting. So y’all desperate idiots who grew up without love, learn to understand that we were created differently and always thank God for all that he gave you, people are struggling for oxygen and you can’t appreciate yourself! Nonsense” Haffy Powers furiously lashed at haters

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