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Desire Luzinda speaks about daughter’s relationship with Jose Chameleon’s son Abba

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Former secular musician now gospel musician Desire Luzinda has finally spoken about her daughter Michelle’s relationship with Jose Chameleon’s first son Abba. Big bummed Desire Luzinda moved to the United States of America (USA) with her daughter years ago to look for greener pastures. Even Jose Chameleon’s family wife and children also moved to the USA.

Like any other Africans, after reaching Desire Luzinda and Danielle Atim decided to be Friends which means their children have to be close to one another as siblings. Few months ago, a certain photo made it’s way on social media and trended. It was Jose Chameleon’s son Abba kissing Desire Luzinda’s daughter Michelle after she turned 18 years of age.

In the USA, life is different with that of Africa . Children their are allowed to start dating at the age of 16 years and it these two teenagers Abba and Michelle are non exceptional. When people saw Abba and Michelle’s photo kissing, they immediately concluded that they are in love.

However in a recent interview, Desire Luzinda refuted all the allegations saying her daughter and Abba are just friends like any other teenagers. According to Luzinda, kissing in the USA is normal, its like a way of greeting and saying goodbye so nothing big with the photo that made rounds on social media.

“The kids are just friends and in the society we live in, a section of people are the ones who fuss about a boy and girl relationship. But in the society we are living in today, it is a modern and Godly society which sees no problem if one has a male or female friend. So there is no problem. And if there is someone out there claiming Mitchelle, it is entirely their opinion because Mitchelle is green about everything. I cannot accept it and I have nothing more to comment about it,” Desire Luzinda.

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