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Bad Black tells women to avoid short Baganda men

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Ex thigh vendor Shanitah Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black has advised fellow women to avoid short Baganda men. According to Bad Black, these men have ‘entondo’ and are so toxic.

This was in light of the saga between singer Geosteady and his baby mama Prima Kardashi. The two spent all if yesterday clashing and accusing each other with different allegations.

However, the bend of the straw came when Prima Kadarshi accused Geosteady of piercing every hole he comes across. She then said that she would rather be alone than servicing a community d1ck.

This wasn’t going to be entertained by the Sembera singer as he said that he won’t mention why Prima is constantly on the plane to countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Dubai.

And of course, these are known for a booming and lucrative sex trade. However Mama Jonah who is a renowned sex vendor refuted the self styled Blackman’s claims. She then said that men like Geosteady are so toxic yet they even have small wires. The ex-convict then appealed government to ship such men to Congo.

I told you ladies to avoid short men who are Baganda at all costs, so Geosteady wants to tell us that what takes Prima to Dubai, Thailand and Malaysia is to sell herself. Those men without manhoods should be shipped to Congo by the government,” said Bad Black.

Meanwhile Geosteady and Prima continue to beef each other although the singer has vowed to discontinue the beef.

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