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Precious Remmie celebrates mother’s Birthday in style

Media personality and actress Precious Remmie has celebrated her mother’s birthday with a beautiful message every mother would want on such a day. Precious Remmie has been in the industry for more than five years but like any other celebrity she has faced the good and the challenges that comes with fame.

One of the challenges that is usually faced by celebrities are haters that come in form of fans especially on social media. For some celebrities like Precious Remmie, they always put our their life in public. They post everything starting from parents, husband, children and people around them giving haters a platform to attack them.

For beautiful Remmie, she posted her mother and the comments were not that pleasing something that affected her and made her cry in front of a camera. While celebrating her birthday, Precious Remmie said her mother is her life and she is very perfect. She revealed that she doesn’t understand how people attack her for no reason and that’s why she is going to deal with everything that attacks her.

As she celebrates her birthday, Precious Remmie said her mother is the greatest mother of all time and her weakness which really scares her. Remmie said she is their to protect her mother from every bad energy from haters. She went ahead and thanked her for raising a queen and asked Allah to protect her.

“Happy birthday to the world’s greatest mother ❤️you are my weakness and that really scares me but I promise to love and protect u with all that I have❤️Mama thanks for raising a queen 👸.I love you and pray that Allah blesses you more and more for me🙏” Precious Remmie posted.

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