Peng Peng on why Jeff Kiwa fired Rahma Pinky

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Social media blogger Peng Peng has revealed the reasons behind the firing of TNS new signee Rahma Pinky. Talented Rahma Pinky was said to have been fired by Jeff Kiwa the boss of TNS yesterday after few months of working with her in her music career.

Pinky was signed after Jeff Kiwa separated ways with Sheebah Kalungi he had worked with for more than 10 years. According to the news that made rounds on social media, Rahma Pinky was fired because she smokes shisha and sneaks men into her apartment.

In a Facebook post, Peng Peng revealed that Rahma Pinky was not fired because of smoking shisha because Jeff has dealt with artistes who even smoke more than her. Outspoken Peng Peng said Jeff Kiwa is now looking at someone with more potential that’s why he has decided to fire Rahma Pinky with the most small issues.

“I recieved a whatsapp message from Cristiano Ronaldos Agent Mr Barugahara Balaam Ateenyi “Sijui ebya pink tonabiwulila? In my own opinion,i dont think Jeff kiwa can fire pink because she’s addicted to Shisha Noooway! Jeff kiwa has managed the best dual in the history of Ugandan music who subscribed to every toxic substances.Ani yali asinga Radio n Weasel okozesa ebidagala? “”Omulimi wakasooli amanya season ya ndiwulila””Jeff/Allan kiwa being the best in the game,have for the “FIRST” time made a big loss.Ever since they signed Pinky, Bamutademu ssente ezimulemye okoola.The expectations were so high ,Everyone thought she would fill Sheebahz vacuum but Hell No! Tebamuteka teka bulungi.Shes talented and i believe she has a position in the Uganda music industry but the only problem was bayagala atambulile ku level yeemu nabatobye. Singa bamuleta mpola mpola nga chosen becky nga tetumulabila mutuluba lyamuntu gwebalesse akompitinge ne sheebah she would still survive.Obusonga bwa Shisha kaboneero nti genda totukolela Ssente and i think Jeff has another artist he wants to establish,” Peng Peng posted

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