NUP’s Alionzi Lawrence wins Makerere University’s Guild president seat

National Unity Platform (NUP) has again won Makerere University Guild President seat again this year 2022 with Alionzi Lawrence in the seat. NUP led by Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu also known as Bobi Wine is the newest political party in Uganda but in all opposition political parties it has the largest support at the moment especially from the youths. Makerere University having the largest population of youths, in these concluded university elections, NUP again washed all other political parties and it managed to make it to the top for the second time.

Even the outgoing regime had a NUP candidate who is a female known as  Nambassa Shamim and now the incoming one who was elected this week is also from NUP. He is known by the names of Alionzi Lawrence “Dangote” a.k.a Son of West Nile.

NUP spokesperson Hon Joel Senyonyi took it to social media to congratulate Makerere University Guild President who is also from NUP. He told him to work as he has promised all Makerere University students that voted him and also push for the better Uganda.

“Congratulations Alionzi Lawrence “Dangote” a.k.a Son of West Nile on your decisive win as Guild President of Makerere University. Use this mandate to be a bold voice for students, and to push for a better Uganda,” Joel Senyonyi posted.

Makerere University is the biggest and one of the best universities in East Africa so the elections are as strong as the one of the whole country. These elections were supposed to take place months ago but they were put on a hold after students fought and caused chaos which ended a life of one male student from another University who had gone to support a fellow student at Makerere University. However these concluded elections were very peaceful and none of the chaos was caused.

Bobi Wine also went ahead to congratulate Makerere University for rejecting Museveni’s Regime with it’s blackmails and trusting in NUP to lead them. It should be remembered that Bobi Wine is an alumni of Makerere University where he perused his MDD.

“Our own comrade Alionzi Lawrence aka Dangote, all the way from Arua (West-Nile) was decisively elected 88th Guild President of Makerere University. Thank you Gallant Makerereans for rejecting the regime’s blackmail and trusting this brother. Congratulations✊🏾 May you serve well.” Bobi Wine

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