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You are an Orphan Shut up – Chameleone’s Brother blasts Daniella Mayanja

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The war of words between Daniella Atim Mayanja, wife to singer Dr. Jose Chameleone seems to be lurking forward each and every day that passes by. The latest verbal exchange is from Humphrey Mayanja the eldest son of the Mayanja’s who resides in the US just like Daniella and her kids.

Humphrey took to his social media pages to blast Daniella by telling her how someone who grew up in an orphanage has no right to talk about someone’s mother. It should be recalled that through her Instagram page, Daniella talked about the archaic, conservative and traditional beliefs in the Mayanja family.

Daniella Atim Mayanja told of how the family demanded for a boy child from her as if she’s the one that had to determine the gender of the unborn baby. Luckily for her, she produced 3 consecutive boys and now the family started demanding for a girl.

By then, however she was determined to defy their demands and standards and indeed she did. Daniella revealed that she stopped her children from visiting their paternal grandparents without her in company. This is because she didn’t want their ill values implanted into her children.

Soon she became the victim of family WhatsApp groups backbiting but she however didn’t care by then. All this took a toll on her and somehow depressed her reason she decided to move far away from the family leaving her husband in Uganda too.

However, Humphrey through now deleted posts on Facebook threw some subtle shots at Daniella wondering where she reserves the right to talk about someone’s mother yet she didn’t grow up with one.

I have a question. Does someone have the right to talk about someone’s mother yet they grew up in an orphanage?” Humphrey posted. The backlash for him was too much to handle hence deleting it. Social media users questioned why he and his brothers who grew up with both parents are so ill mannered.

They have over the years been indicted in different controversies such as domestic violence, fights, deaths among others. Daniella last month criticized her mother in law, Prossy Mayanja saying that she condones her sons’ behaviors by telling their wives to learn to adjust to their men’s likes and dislikes.

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