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Tribius K – Biography, Education, Music, Net Worth, Family

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Ladies and Gents, its yet another episode of knowing our stars, and let us bring to you this young talent Tribius K aka Kilabila Joseph Tribius. On this note, we are unveiling his biography, net worth, music career, family, education and more.


Kilabila Joseph aka Tribius K was born in 1995 from a village called Bongole in Mawokota central region. He is a son of Mr. Lutankome Edward and Madina Nankya. Tribius K has siblings and he is the only musician in the family.


Tribius K attended school from Primary to Senior Six. He attended Bethel Primary School on Salaama Road, Makindye. And he extended to Pearl High school in Makindye still for his secondary school education. And later on joined music.

Music Career

He started music in 2014 and he has dropped as many projects as 24 his whole music career. Tribius has appeared on many big stages and he is proud of the musician he is. On the same note, he has done songs like Stylo and many more.

He is also looking forward to stamping his name in the music industry with more hit songs and as a matter of fact, he is in studio with the legendary Ragga Dee for more projects.


Tribius K is still single as he says, and his parents are Mr. Lutankome Edward and Madina Nankya. He is on his way to getting married when music settles the dust.

Net Worth

He has not yet revealed his net worth, however he gets booked for shows and other side businesses.


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