Becky Amutuhaire 10 Tells Her Sad Story, Needs Help

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We recently wrote a story of a one Becky Amutuhaire who is bedridden in Mulago and survives on Oxygen each day. She is a young and very promising girl who has not stepped in school, but sickness made hospitals her school.

Our team went to Mulago and came to understand how Becky Amutuhaire is living on earth as hell. Yes, her woes started when her mother dressed her one morning, and took her to the bus park, and held her hands while she promised her that she will find Whites that will take good care of her, and facilitate her education.

Little did the then 7 year old Becky knew that she was being dumped in the bus to take her wherever it was going, and her mother was remaining in Kampala! With her worse health conditions due to effects of HIV/AIDS, she was dumped in Fortportal and was picked by a good Samaritan called Allan Luyirika.

Ever since then, Becky Amutuhaire has been a regular in hospitals of Buhinga and Mulago, and of now, she is admitted at Mulago with Pneumonia which attacked her lungs and she can not breath without Oxygen.

Becky amutuhaire and allan luyirika
Becky and Allan Luyirika

Her caretaker Allan Luyirika is now out of options and resources as Becky’s medication is very expensive. So, Allan appeals to the general public to stand with him in this period and support him. Becky is a Ugandan, she is part of us, we can stand with her and make her realise her dreams.

For any help, kindly send it to 0788242911 OR 0704806030 in the names of Allan Luyirika.

Watch Full Interview with Becky and Allan here

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