Bad Black Masolo Busted For Begging Money From Sn Powers Cash Money

Shanitah Namuyimba a.k.a Bad Black Masolo Queen allegedly borrowed money from one Sn
Powers Cash Madam who intern refused to lend the money to a desperate Bad Black. She has now been blasted and exposed badly.

Reports coming in indicate that Ugandans’ number one hustler was left eating dust after her
plea to get some money from fellow socialite and money machine Sn Powers Cash Madam fell
on deaf ears.

The Masolo Queen Bad Black initially broke the scene when she was sued by a white man for reportedly
stealing an enormous sum of money from him. Due to this, she was sentenced to jail and since
her release, she has worked hard to ensure that her life is in order.

Basing on her recent posts, the city hustle seems to be financially stable since her and newly found lover, Asha are rumored to soon open up a lucrative business somewhere in the city.

Today’s events seem to have totally changed the public’s view of the apparently stable city star as sources close to this site with evidence show that in deed the Masolo Bad Black Queen requested for a few pennies from Sn Powers Cash Madam.


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