Shamim Malende Health Conditions worrying, in ICU

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Kampala Woman Member and council at the same time National Unity Platform (NUP) member Shamim Malende’s health conditions have worsened. She is currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Hon Shamim Malende has been vocal in politics especially on the side of the opposition supporters. But she became more seen in the media on the case of Hon Ssegirinya Muhammad and Hon Allan Ssewanyana who were arrested a year ago on suspicion of killing Masaka people as their lawyer.

Last week, Shamim Malende was said to have got a strange disease that quickly put her down. She was rushed to Lubaga hospital and immediately put on oxygen to support her in breathing. It didn’t take long for the sickness to worsen and Hon Shamim Malende was transferred to Aghah Khan Hospital in Nairobi Kenya for further treatment.

However it looks like nothing is getting better in her life. Hon Malende went through a stomach surgery because she had inhaled a toxic chemical and it was said that she was improving but on Tuesday evening after the surgery it all went south for her. Apparently, Shamim Malende is said to be in the ICU struggling for her life and the disease eating her up is not yet known.

It should be noted that Shamim Malende is being looked after by her mother and her fiancé where she is in the hospital. So many people in Uganda especially those who don’t support the government have lost their lives in unexpected way. Most of them die after getting out of detention while others just get sick for a short time and end up breathing their last.

Hon Shamim Malende got sick after she was arrested by police last week when they found her distributing reflector jackets to boda boda people in Kawempe. She was taken to Kawempe police divisional headquarters and she spent about three hours their and she was released without any charges.

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