Rickman responds to Crysto Panda About Paying Artists To Perform

Singer Rickman Manrick has differed from fellow singer Crysto Panda who is also a media personality on the issue of not paying artiste when they come to perform at concerts. In Uganda, artistes earn mostly from concert and shows they perform on unlike other countries whose technology has been advanced and they earn from live streams like YouTube and other platforms.

Over the weekend, Eddy Kenzo had one of the biggest shows which was a festival and so many artistes were present to perform and it is said that most of them willingly showed up without any payment. After that festival, excited Crysto Panda went on social media and posted saying artistes shouldn’t br paid to perform on their fellow artistes concerts. So many people fans inclusive asked him how artistes are going to earn to keep their music career moving forward if they are not paid for performing at concerts.

As an artiste, Rickman Manrick also commented on Crysto Panda’s suggestion saying it is not right not to pay an artiste as they perform on concert. According to Rickman, as a person when he organizes a concert he will make sure that everyone is paid unless those that want to work for free.

“If I ever have a concert, I will definitely have a budget för artists, djs, mcees and for every service provider because these people don’t feed on thank you very much. If an artist offers to perform for free, well and good,” Rickman tweeted.

It should be noted that Crysto Panda just started singing few years ago and he has like two hit songs in circulation one of which is even a collaboration with established singer Sheebah. And for Rickman, he has been in the industry for some time on and off. He became serious last year when he started dating Sheila Gashumba who also acts as his music manager.

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