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Crysto Panda one why he not ready to marry right now

NTV Television presenter and musician Crysto Panda real name Kityamuwesi Herbert has revealed why he is not ready to marry at the moment. Crysto Panda is a new father of one after losing his first born in 2021 with his girlfriend he has never revealed to the world.

Even the mother of his second child he welcomed last year hasn’t been revealed. No one knows it is still the mother of the first child that gave birth to the second one. With all that aside, Crysto Panda said he is a loving father and boyfriend but not yet ready to commit to marriage at his young age.

According to Crysto Panda, there is a lot to achieve as a television presenter and an artiste if he puts his time in marriage he might not mover forward on a pace he wants. He added on that marriage needs commitment and enough money which he is not having right now. The little he has is for looking after the child and himself as he invests.

As a first time father, Crysto Panda said the mother of his child wants so much privacy and that’s why it will take long for people to know him. Maybe when he decides to make it official in terms of marriage and he shows off like a married man not just a baby daddy to their child.

“It is true I am now a father to a baby boy after losing my baby girl in 2021. Despite being a father, it doesn’t mean I have to be married to that lady. I have so many reasons why I am not ready for marriage right now. I am still a young boy and I don’t have all that money for marriage. When I make enough and have so many investments I will think about marriage and do it the right way,” Crysto Panda said

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