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Jombwe Ssejjombwe – Biography, Net worth, Music And Education

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Jombwe Ssejjombwe or as he is popularly known Jombwe is a singer, songwriter, recording and performing Reggae musician from Uganda, East Africa. On our celebrity features today, we bring him to your screens.

Early life:

Jombwe was born, raised and studied in Entebbe city along the shores of Lake Nalubaale in central Uganda. Later in life, he prospered to become a versatile musician who sings, writes, composes, dances and plays ENGOMA.

Engoma is a collective name for percussion drums and related musical instruments that have for centuries been used in worship, communal celebrations and as a sign of authority in the Kingdom of Buganda of Uganda and widely among other ethnic cultures in East and Central Africa.

In Buganda, Engoma is also a sign of unity and the Baganda people proudly refer to themselves as “Abaana b’engoma.” Meaning Children of the drum.

His passion for drums:

Since Jombwe Ssejjombwe is a Muganda, his love for drums was first instilled by his culture and his passion only acted as a fuel to his love for them. As a self taught Ngoma player, by the age of ten, Jombwe was already playing and singing in church,at school inter and intra music competitions, sports galas and entertainment events.

As though that was not enough, to give his Reggae music a touch of where he hails from, he at many occasions incorporates Engoma sound into it. And just like that, the versatile music created a great merge between to kinds of music.

Other musical talents:

Additionally, he is also a multi instrumentalist who also plays various instruments including the piano, guitar and base guitar.

Even more to this, the prolific multilingual lyricist and singer also writes and sings in Luganda, Swahili, Runyankore, English and French although he largely associates himself with Reggae, he is also comfortable singing and writing in genres like rock, soul, RnB, zouk, reggaetón.

Other talents:

Despite the fact that he is a food scientist and technologist who has a remarkable experience in Quality control and assurance in aviation catering, he has decided to dedicate his life to pursuing his life time passion as a musician.


Through music, he wants to impact and inspire lives all over Africa and the world. He furthermore, aims at being one of the most iconic Reggae giants in Africa and beyond.

Social Media:

A man of such talent would without doubt intrigue you so in case you are looking to find him, he is available through the following social media platforms and these are his phone numbers.

Remember to keep it respectful when you contact him.

Email: JombweJombwe@gmail.com

Phone numbers: +256704957462,+256780644967.


Facebook: Jombwe.

Twitter, Instagram, tiktok: @JombweJombwe.

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