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Masaka Kids Africana – biography, net worth, members, youtube

As usual, we bring to you the best you will read today as we unveil the official biography, net worth, YouTube business, charity business, members of Masaka Kids Africana. This is an NGO and a dancing group from Uganda that is actually the most paid on YouTube.


This is a talented group of the less privileged young children in Masaka, Uganda, East Africa. The group was started in 2013 as an NGO that supports children of two years and above that have lost either one parent or both and could be going through the worst of their lives.


The Masaka Kids Africana group is composed of African Children aged 2 years and above. Most of the children have lost one or both parents through devastation of war, famine and diseases. They are about 10 children in the group, at the moment.

These were brought together to start doing dance and their motto is to ‘DANCE, RISE & SHINE. Through lip synching other people’s songs and posting them on YouTube. Their vision is to empower children, mobilise communities and build future, with a mission of supporting children in education and social well being, through their talents.

Masaka Kids Africana have flourished and made it on YouTube where they have amassed more than 700 million views since 2018 April and they are still the leading and have the most viewed channel in Uganda.

Recently, a study conducted by CashNet USA, it was revealed that Masaka Kids Africana have earned $1,341,980 throughout and it left them the highly paid content creators on YouTube from Uganda. Their most viewed video has 91 million views, the Jerusalem dance video. More so, the group sings original songs and they have their own album called We are the Stars.

Who owns Masaka kids Africana?

As we said earlier, this group was formed in 2013 and went public in 2016 to help others. It was started by a man known as Suuna Hassan who is a resident of Masaka city. And he is still owner and he is the one that manages it.

Net worth

Masaka Kids Africana net worth is estimated to be around $2 million putting all projects in consideration. Talking about projects, the group is into real estate, invests in education and dancing/music.

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