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EXCLUSIVE: Meet Bash Mutumba the Talented Boudior Photographer

His Art Causes a Feelings Stampede on Social Media

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  • Bash Mutumba emerged a Twitter darling because of his unique style of photography, he has changed the perception of boudoir photography and he is proud to practise such an art. Read through and see the collection of the photos he takes
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Social Media being a global village with millions of neighbors, many people have used it as a chance to engage themselves while bored, others for financial gains while others and the very few have used it to sell their art, and that why we have Bash Mutumba in the picture with us.

Times Uganda got a chance of sitting him and dig deeper than everyone sees to know who really this energetic and fearless gentleman is, and again know more about his passion for boudoir photography art that has led to many men have free optical nutrition of their time by staring at pictures done by him on social media.

TimeUg: We are happy to have you with us today, kindly let us know who you are briefly

Bash Mutumba: Well, I am called Bash Fahad Mutumba that was born 24 years ago and a student  at Makerere University pursuing a Bachelors of Commerce after my High School at Nalya SS. I am a photographer because of passion, and yeah…. 3 years down the road, I have mastered by the art of photography

TimesUg: We know Landscape, Wildlife, Portrait and many kinds of photography, what kind of photography do you do, and how does it impact you and the community around you?

Bash Mutumba: I do Boudoir photography, which can be explained as a photographic style that focuses on intimate, sensual, romantic, and somewhat have erotic images that are intended for the private enjoyment of someone and his or her romantic partners.

I really love it. So it brings out the art of storytelling with an attachment of a rare feeling that gives room for inner happiness.

TimesUg: Wow, so you impact those surrounding you by helping them explore through their feelings with photography. Okay. Have you traveled beyond Uganda on the same job string?

Bash Mutumba: Oh yeah, yes I have been prevailed to go to Kenya last year in December, and honestly it is one of my best trips I have made in my life. I met great people and above all, I created a lot of Boudoir content there.

TimesUg: We normally see your content having female in them only, do you take content for men too? and how do you manage to handle those intense moments while taking pictures of women half or fully n@ked exposing their curves to you? How do u control your little boy?

Bash Mutumba

Bash Mutumba: (Laughs)… well, yes, I take content for both males and females but females like it than men. About how I handle the intense situations, I work under the principles governing my job, I do my job and go. You can’t mess up your job by giving lame excuses like temptation as it is a mindset that rules humans.

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TimesUg: Oooh, you can amuse surely, so if someone wants to start something like you do, how can he/she go about it? throw light on how it can be done.

Bash Mutumba: Anyone that wants to venture into photography should just start up it is free vast waters where everyone can swim so long as you master your art/craft and stick to the basics no need of thinking about too much equipment. Then start charging your worth, put a price tag on yourself.

TimesUg: If you were to change anything about yourself, what would it be and how do you spend your leisure time?

Bash Mutumba: I am me, nothing else. I can’t change anything on myself. That is why actually I have managed to stick to my craft no matter the perspective it’s taken in. I like reading articles and watch creative content on the internet when I am free.

TimesUg: Well, that is quite interesting. Now, Is there a relationship between boudoir photography and modeling?

Bash Mutumba: True, and very true boudoir photography is related to modeling but not so entirely. Some people I shoot are professional models and others are not models at all, they are exploring.

TimesUg: wow!! amazingly great. This brings us to the last piece of our conversation, What impact do you think you will have put on social media village especially on Twitter with Boudoir photography in 5 years to come?

Bash Mutumba: My only motive and wish are to wake up on a day when society stops looking at boudoir photography as p0rnography, it is just an art. I can give you an example, in the early days, Boudoir paintings were even displayed in Vatican in places of worship for some centuries. In 5 years to come, I will make sure the perception changes.

TimesUg: You mentioned Vatican and worship places to have displayed boudoir photos? well, that will be a story for another day.

Precisely say the last word to our readers and your fans because I am sure you have a lot of them out there who are always waiting for you to make a ‘good news’ tweet daily.

Bash Mutumba: I am surely humbled to be here with you at Times Uganda and have a chance to share my experience with you hopefully it will impact someone out there. And I really love all my people those that follow me on social media, my Twitter people, hellloooo, I salute you all. Stay blessed.



Bash Mutumba
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Elijah Mutabuza

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