Kulthum Nabunya Muzaata Accused of ‘Stealing’ a Man

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The late Sheikh Muzaata’s widow Kulthum Nabunya Muzaata is being accused of stealing a man, a one that is believed to be dating and in marriage with a South African based Nkuba Kyeyo. The man in question is called Aqram and the crying girl spills more secrets.

Kulthum Nabunya Muzaata has been of recent in the news after she was accused of dating Jajja Ichuri aka Isma Olaxess and things did not go well with her on that issue. Again, she was rumoured to have moved on with Frank Gashumba. Also, immediately after Muzaata’s death, Kulthum was also accused of sleeping wuith the shamba boy by the top Muslim clerics and they vowed to frustrate her by stopping her from taking a thing from Muzaata’s property.

Now here is another scandal where the South African based nkuba kyeyo is accusing her for stealing Aqram who she says is her official man. In her statements, this endangered woman cries out saying that, what pains her is that her man has been all along collecting money not for savings or development, but for just marrying Kulthum Nabunya Muzaata.

What pains me, is that Aqram has all along been collecting money in pain just to marry Kulthum and all my money has been used” the crying lady is overquoted cursing.


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