Azziad Nasenya S3xtape and Pics Leak, the Shocking Video Reveals Dirty Games. Watch Video

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Read this article to the end to get the download link for Azziad Nasenya video. The internet has been brought down finally as the fast rising to fame Azziad Nasenya has been brought down but not because she has been so humble and quiet, but because she has risen to fame so quick and just because of a song and an App TikTok, some people could not tank it and decided to roll her down her kneels through all means possible.

In this video and pics circulating and making rounds on social media, our investigative team decided to take it slow and watch the video clip and make comparisons through out and finally revealed the truth and why the bloggers do not want the girl to enjoy her fame in peace.


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Comparing the hairstyle of the girl in the steamy cassava eating marathon and Azziad Nasenya herself, we have brought to you the video and the pictures so that you can also watch and see then judge for yourself. This beat our understanding on how some group of people would be this jealous to play so hard to bring down the innocent girl. Whoever did this to her, is sure someone that hates her earned fame.

Watch Video Here and pics and judge for yourself.


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Elijah Mutabuza

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