All Stars Unite and do Goodbye Lady Grace Song 2022

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After a sudden death of singer Lady Grace happening and shocking everyone especially those in Ugandan music Industry and her fans, different artistes have come up with a song saying goodbye to Lady Grace and all the artistes that have departed. This is done as a gesture showing how important she was in the music industry.

Lady Grace died hours after a fatal accident which happened on the night heading to Thursday as they were heading to Semuto for a show. In this very accident, more than three people lost their lives and others including Alimpa Ronald Lusuku Lwa Seminti, Mazzi ga Bowa and Ragga Fire plus many others are still struggling for life at Mulago hospital.

In this trying moment, Ugandan artistes especially those she has ever featured with in different songs have come with a goodbye song to Lady Grace appreciating her and wishing her a good rest of eternity.  This is the most empotional song you will listen to this year. It has all the good deeds she has ever done for each artiste in the song.

These artistes include Mercy Claw (Muzima Gwa nankya), Riddim Bwoy and others who in the song request her to send their greetings to other artistes who departed before her including Paul Job Kafeero, Harman Basudde and many others.

May her rest in peace.

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