THIGHS AND MONEY: Blogger Ritah Kaggwa and Bad Black War Gets Out of Hand

Everyone was sent to a big wave of shock as socialite and alleged international bean vendor Bad Black faced it woman to woman on social media with one of the top female bloggers Uganda has a one UK based Ritah Kaggwa and it was nothing but about who has the fattest bank account and trust us, one of the two was left silent!

As usual, Bad Black does not always want to delay on finishing something, she was the first to bring her recent bank transactions statements and indeed, the mother of three has something to brag about when it comes to swollen bank accounts.

In her bid to prove, she first sent a screenshot of her bank account balance of one account and to our surprise, she had there 480,000,000 million Uganda shillings. As that was not enough, she dropped another bank statement of another bank account and she had there past 100,000,000 and she bragged by telling her opponent Ritah Kaggwa that fresh beans pay more.

By the time we wrote this, Ritah Kaggwa who is married to a Nigerian man had not done anything or show anything to defend herself and this made people who acted as referees to assume that Bad Black may have given her a heavy Knock Out and Ritah feared to continue with the war.

Here are the screenshots;

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