Harriet Scott’s Husband Finally Speaks Up – I Will Take My Kids For a DNA

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Ever since she was exposed in a leaked foursome heated up s#xtape, Kenyan Senga alias Harriet Scott’s social life took a sharp turnover and led to an ugly path where she is on the verge of losing her matrimonial home and husband Dr. Scott in a bitter divorce. As if that was not enough, her husband has, therefore, come out and affirmed that he must take his three children he sired with Harriet fro a DNA test as he is now worried he may not be their real father.

Harriet Scott Husband

My wife has showcased the highest level of moral decadence and can’t withstand the shame in the society. She does’t deserve the name woman, she is a prostitute and I’ll go for a DNA test to check if the kids are mine” said the husband Dr. Scott in tears. He also demands for a divorce in the shortest time possible. This frustrated Dr. Scott added that no one should forgive Harriet because she is an non learning human who even bragged about the inhuman act she did of sleeping with 3 men while pregnant.


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It should be remembered that on the same note, Harriet Scott’s family came out and announced how she ashamed them. In addition, to an extent of her own mother getting admitted to the hospital through a revelation by Rosebell Waitiki aka Ciru Waitiki. Rosebell Waitiki aka Ciru Waitiki is Harriet’s sister. Currently, this Kenyan Senga is in hibernation. However, no one can trace her whereabouts. We shall keep you posted.

Harriet Scott's Husband
Harriet Scott’s Husband and children

Watch Video That Was Leaked Here:


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