EXCLUSIVE: Unearthing The Shielah Gashumba and Tina Fierce War, It’s More Than Cyber Bullying

Its So Deeper

As we are now seeing the twist of things surface, we should be reminded that it’s not always about who wrote the story first, the facts behind the story make it alive and today we bring you the crazy feud between Sheila C Gashumba and Urban television’s Tina Fierce war, what you don’t know, what the media won’t tell you and the ugly truth about the whole matter and here we are, read it to the end.
We are so confident that you have heard a lot of Sheila Gashumba and Urban Television’s Tina Fierce fights and Twitter wars plus the social media attacks which have even made where Sheilah started a trend called #StopSocialMediaBullingInUganda, well you are in the right place .
It should be pointed out that this whole thing took its birth one month back when Sheilah C Gashumba broke the news to all our ears about how NTV was paying her only Ugx 50,000 claiming it was too little money and it’s why she quit the mean television station’s job. Well this made headlines and was hyped by everyone on the media but most especially Twitter, it had its rounds on all other media platforms including other media joints that are televisions and radios and then it landed onto the most arrogant TV presenter who disses celebrities and most cases sends their crazy lifestyles into the bins, Tina Fierce.
Standing on  her Sqoop on Sqoop show which is televised on Urban Tv, Tina Fierce attacked Sheilah Gashumba while criticizing her behavior on pinning NTV for under paying its workers and threw cains at her saying sheila should appreciate because she is what she is because of NTV…
If she felt that the 50,000 she was being given was little, She should have worked on other TV things too like directing, cleaning the studio and at the end of the ay she could be having like 150,000, alekele awo okutusiluwalilaa ko,” she ranted and this was the start of everything you have been seeing today. The next time was even more worse and hefty, Tina Fierce still on her Sqoop on Sqoop show attacked Sheila C Gashumba, her boyfriend God’s Plan aka Marcus Lwanga, her father Frank Gashumba and sheilah’s mother as well.  On this show she started by warning Sheilah Gashumba that she brags and disrespects everyone, doesn’t listen to anyone’s advice but highlighted everything saying,
Sheilah One day he will beat you and while sitting alone in your room, you will be in tears and say what have i done.” She then stringed a war of words on the Sheilah C Gashumba’s love life but first to her father Frank Gashumba who is a motivational speaker and has earned a name for himself on Facebook doing that. Tina Fierce trashed all the motivational speaker titles and asked the old man to stop coming up on Television interviews claiming he knows what women want, what styles are good in bed yet he can’t get to his daughter.
Sheila you are very lazy, very lazy and I think it comes from your father because he opted to be a motivational speaker. There is nothing soo vague than someone choosing to be that because I too can to wake up one day and say I’m a motivational speaker,” she said. She added that Mr Frank Gashumba motivated Tv stations into hiring his daughter as a presenter but even when he sacrificed all that, Sheilah was still too lazy that she quit her good paying job and decided to sleep with men for money.
Continuing with her rant, she said “Why I say you are lazy is you could have kept your job and you could still have loved Marcus (God’s Plan) and he could still have loved you…” She added “We might be here joking about these things kumbe nga ako akasajja ka threateninga Sheila and she she can’t even leave the guy because we see pics of God’s plan with guns oba who gives them to him? We don’t know. Put this in minds too, isn’t this the same Marcus they said eyawamba (kidnapped) Grenade official?? and this is the same Marcus who is famous for being on all Britain’s Televisions for being an armed robber.
“So you have turned your daughter into a business?? Man!!!”and she paused and again she continued and sung Frank Gashumba as she pinned him for giving up on his daughter yet it could be him supposed to liberate the young girl, she then added that Sheilah seems to be cursed and currently could even be pissed by a getting beaten up demon. She even in the same show told Sheilah to take Anitah Fabiola as an example.
Now be careful because when we started making stories lecturing sense into you about you being a fool and so naive… Be careful, Marcus(God’s Plan) is not worth it, and isn’t supposed to be eating your hot beans. Why are you acting so desperate like there is no man who wants you because that man has put hands on you more than twice and you have had miscarriages because of his beatings” Tina at this point went so bare knuckles.
So you can see that it was all thrown out the day Sheilah spilled the dirty beans in the industry however the absusive presenter Tina Fierce has all along been attacking the Gashumba family, but it was never that so deep and damaging than when Sheilah opened up about televisions paying peanuts to their staff. The battle is still on and now matters are in court as Tina Fierce is now laid off by Urban television. Stay tuned.

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