You Are Faking Sickness – Bad Black Spills Bryan White Secrets

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Socialite and designated Cat vendor Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black Uganda has come and showed that she will never have a real friend or she can never give a damn to anything just days after she visited the bedridden Bryan White and cried her tears, she has now come up and expose badly the faded money bags how he is faking sickness and very broke.

During in a more than 50 minutes live broadcast, Socialite Bad Black Uganda went to expose the most dirty secrets of Bryan White Uganda saying that he worked for a rebel group under the name of working for president Museveni, and he is trying to attract the president’s attention through faking the sickness that he was poisoned yet he is dead broke.

In this video, Socialite Bad Black Uganda asserted that Bryan White made her do a live feed on her social media accounts and she felt so touched and even shed her ‘expensive’ tears while asking Ugandans to help the sick ex tycoon.

And again, Bryan went behind her back and told someone called Richie through a voice call that he doesn’t need any help he can help himself to get medication something that pissed Black off as she alleges that Bryan made her look like an opportunist and a thief.

It is in the same video that Bad Black quipped that Bryan White must allow the fact that he played his cards wrongly and he is now broke so that people can know and help him. She moved on to assert that Bryan is just looking for ways of getting sympathy from tired Ugandans that he should wake up from his ‘sick bed’ and go calculate other deals since once a thief always a thief.

You made me look like an opportunist and a thief, it is like i wanted to take the money people would fundraise for you, Bryan however much we slept together, that doesn’t guarantee you to spoil my name. You asked me to go live so that people know your fake sickness and you want to play your politics on me?” Bad Black went bare knuckles with Bryan White.


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