Winnie Nwagi Food Scandal Secrets Spilled, She Doesn’t Pay

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Swangz Avenue songstress Winnie Nwagi has yet again been involved in yet another scandal with a lot
of drama that this website has learned of. Over the weekend, the songstress is said to have ordered for food from a place she has been getting her food service for the last one year.

Winnie Nwagi is said to have been denied the food service due to accumulating debt and decided to put up a post on her snap chart expressing how the Kamwokya based Eddy Chicken restaurant has been serving ‘fake food’.

However, following a thorough investigation, it’s believed that the songstress Winnie Nwagi has been receiving food services from Eddy Chicken but had a debt that had accumulated to over Ugx 1.3 million that she had not yet cleared something that prompted the proprietors not to offer her the services.

Reports further reveal that there erupted a serious argument between the singer and proprietor who
later came to an agreement and Mr. Eddy agreed to serve her as he asked for her patience given the
long queue of clients.

This development however left Winnie Nwagi food scandal frustrated her and decided to act out of anger as she later published apost that have made the two parties cross affecting their previous relationship.


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However, Winnie Nwagi is still silent about the matter despite having posted the defamatory post about
the restaurant on her social media. Keep it Times Uganda your choice home of Entertainment News

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