WAR ZONE: Ritah Kaggwa and Bad Black War Reignited in Leaked Audios

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UK based blogger Ritah Kaggwa has decided to reignite her war with Socialite, Masolo Queen and leg vendor Bad Black who is currently making it big rounds on social media in a series of leaked audios where Riath Kaggwa attacked Bad Black for being broke and coming from a poor family and that Bad Black was raised from a very poor family and that she will even sell egg plants on the streets so long as Ritah Kaggwa is still alive, she vowed.

In these audios that you are about to listen to, Ritah Kaggwa went too extreme and involved Bad Black’s kids asserting that her last born was not immunized and got paralyzed and can’t walk even when she is making one year wheres as Kaggwa’s kid is just 5 months and can walk. Again on the same note, Ritah warned Bad Black that she can she may not travel anywhere in the World as she can paralyze her moves of selling the leg abroad.

Going on to attack the vulnerable Bad Back, Kaggwa added that Bad Black sleeps in bed space when she is in Dubai and for Kaggwa sleeps in the poshest hotel and Bad Black should swallow her pride and announce she is broke and be helped. Bad Black was again attacked on her bedroom affairs that she sleeps with broke men in bed and Kaggwa added that she will never sleep with small boys.

We shall not talk too much, here are the audios you will listen for yourself as we wait for Bad Black to retaliate as we know her, she can never sit for less. Kaggwa kept attacking Bad Black for neglecting her kids and feel embarrassed for not showing her kids in public because they can not walk or move for being cursed after Black attacked Ritah Kaggwa’s husband.

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