Video: Martha caught red-handed with pastor bonking her pastor

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There is currently a video trending on Twitter and this has been dubbed ‘Martha.’ Martha in this video is being seen getting confronted by her husband who caught her red handed being chewed by the husband. Martha can be completely bare clothed as she’s even pregnant.

Meanwhile the pastor is in his boxers and the two were clearly from chewing themselves. The husband in disbelief asks Martha why she did this to him and on his bed. Meanwhile this pastor who is said to be Congolese is said to have chewed Martha’s beans as she was barren. The occasion they were on therefore was the last part of the ritual.

“New information suggest that the trending video, in which a lady identified as Martha who was begging for mercy from her husband after being caught red handed with another man, was actually performing The last Ritual for safe Delivery.” “sources say the 2 individuals, the ungodly papa and Martha were performing the last ritual, as she she was barren for sometime and the Congolese pastor assisted In bringing the fruit of the woman.”

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