VIDEO: Man Caught Cheating, His Cassava Burnt With Dripping Plastic

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Men can barely learn from what their fellow men go through when they are caught eating other men’s women. Forget the recent event of Jerome who was made to face the spear after being caught in bed of another man. This cheating man in Uganda has been nabbed in broad day light drilling another man’s woman.

As we are still celebrating the new year 2021, other men are celebrating it with women that aren’t theirs. That is why this time, this man was found in bed, and the owner of the woman decided to teach him a lesson he will narrate to his grandchildren.

At first, he was first shaved using a glass and all his head was left with bruises, as if that pain wasn’t enough, with the help of other men, the owner of the house got a new plan. He got a polyethylene bag and lit it, the started the real move!

By tying both hands and mouth of the convicted cheating man of Uganda, the ruthless men lit the polyethylene bag (kaveera) and started to drop it to this man’s already shrieked cassava. Without making noise or getting help, this was repeated until the man could not say a word anymore.



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Elijah Mutabuza

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