VIDEO: Kemi Sera gets off moods after accused of snatching Mary Bata’s bae

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Faded singer Kemi Sera and ex wife to Haruna Mubiru is again making headlines in the media after she allegedly snatched her best friend Mary Bata’s boyfriend. Kemi Sera broke into the music industry few years ago but he started trending when she got married to her then manager Haruna Mubiru who also had another wife.

Few years into their marriage, Kemi Sera stormed out accusing Haruna Mubiru of being abusive like beating her and denying her to go to work without even paying for her rent to the room where she was staying. Kemi Sera who had no where to go left the rental and sold off her items as she went back to the villages where she is born.

This mother of one was however helped by fellow singer Mary Bata who saw potential in her. With all her money and equipment, Mary Bata drove to Kemi Sera’s village and picked her, brought her back to Kampala to restart her music career. One year of working together, the rumor started spreading that Kemi Sera was misbehaving and Mary Bata was slowly getting tired of helping her.

Now things have taken a bitter twist when she decided to officially take Mary Bata’s boyfriend and show him to the public as her husband. When she was confronted by a journalist about snatching someone’s husband, she quickly reacted and almost fought the journalist. According to Kemi Sera, no one was their when she was snatching a man and she didn’t snatch anyone man. She added on that whoever thinks that he is their husband they should come and take him from her.

“Why are you asking me that fake question? Whose husband did I steal? Please say things you know or otherwise you will end up leaving here in tears,” Sera said.

Here is the video

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