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Kemi Sera assures a big “Mukolo” soonest

Besides the rumor that has been going viral on social media about Kemi Sera wanting to kill Mary Bata because of Bata’s husband, today Kemi Sera has out come out and assured her fans a big “Mukolo” and that they should get their traditional attires ready.

She said this in one of the interviews but it’s said that she has played a big game to separate Mary Bata and her husband so she retains the man and she has successfully won the game as Mary Bata is now in the process of moving on as husband prepares to be introduced by Kemi Sera to her family.

It’s said that Mary Bata helped Kemi who was by then struggling with life because she had no where to go and had nothing to eat, but because of Mary Bata’s good heart, she decided to take her to her husband’s home where she has been living for a long time.

After all of this happening, she turned into wild and as we talk, she is currently the woman in Mary Bata’s house and it’s is said that it is Kemi Sera that sent Mary Bata away from the house after she had caught them in her bedroom. And now, she is promising a big “Mukolo” soonest.

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