VIDEO: Girl Dumps Man That Paid Her Tuition, and Runs Mad Instantly!

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Ladies, we have all along been warning you about how you play your cards, and how you shield them. And you keep forgetting to hold your own cards from your chests, not just letting them be seen. This brings us to a story of this very beautiful girl who betrayed her boyfriend that paid her school fees/tuition at university, and she runs mad instantly.

In this viral video on Social Media, this whole thing, started when a low earning man paid school fees of this lady from High School. He moved in to pay for her tuition up to University, with a  promise that when she gets done with her studies, the two would get married.

Times Uganda Cops intimate that, after this gorgeous lady/girl runs mad, got done with campus, she decided to dump the poor man and push in with a younger and fresh dude. Consequently, she was met on the streets stopping cars randomly as she was completely n@ked!

Sources reveal that, this girl that run mad is as a result of betraying the man, who could not stand the pain and shame. Seeing her enjoying the fruits of his sweat with another man, was way too much traumatizing than seeing her on streets n#de.


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